The Whole Woman Health team understands what it’s like: you’re exhausted, frustrated, and you think you’ve tried everything to feel better.

Well, you haven’t tried us. We dive deep to understand what’s going on
and design a unique solution just for you.

Nutrition Service

You deserve to feel – and look – your very best. With your determination and the expertise & guidance of Whole Woman Health, you can change your life and feel better than you ever thought possible.

Whole Woman Health is…

  • An integrative health & nutrition service.
  • A woman-owned company based on real science.
  • Here to help you wherever you are – in the world and on your personal journey.

If you’re ready to feel healthy again, we’re here to help.

Whole Woman Heath offers…

  • Services that are both clinical & holistic, and blend Eastern & Western medicinal traditions.
  • An array of laboratory tests to determine root cause.
  • Support for the whole person through a functional health approach.
Health Offers

Let’s talk about our exclusive women’s weight loss program…the SHED!

The SHED (Simple.Healthy.Effective.Detox) is a 90-day weight loss experience exclusively for women. This premium program is for clients ready to make a serious investment in changing not only their body composition but their health & lifestyle as well.

The SHED is high-touch and highly effective for those who commit and are interested in long-term results. The SHED community is supportive, magnanimous, and inspiring.

“I can’t say enough great things about Rachel and Whole Woman Health. She recently guided me through a 30-day nutrition program that had me feeling AMAZING! I not only lost weight, but I learned new techniques to better manage my health long-term. Thank you, Rachel!”

~Theo G.

Our team is here for you.

Whole Woman Health is rooted in a desire to serve. We believe that we can use our knowledge and our gifts to help people improve their lives through better nutrition. Each of our practitioners is uniquely skilled and motivated to bring their full panoply of knowledge and experience to the table with every client.
With our wisdom & expertise and your determination, Whole Woman Health can change your life – profoundly – for the better.

Our Team

You don’t have to feel this way anymore.

Digestive Disorders


Hormonal Imbalance




Chronic Fatigue


Auto-Immune Disease


Mental Health Struggles


Food Allergies


Mystery Illness


If you’re suffering from one of the following conditions, help is on the way.

“I started working with Radhika last year after getting some concerning yearly blood work back. Radhika was able to suggest supplements, nutrition changes, and overall life changes to help me get my health back on track. She has been super supportive and such a big help in getting testing done, finding strategies that work for me and my lifestyle, and helping to provide guidance overall.”
~Melissa P.

Never underestimate
your ability to change!

Our three-pronged approach of Nutrition, Coaching, and Scientific Data and Testing, allows us to zero in on your health struggles and pave a path for you to walk into health and wholeness.

Together, we can redefine your health.