What is a Health Coach?

Traditional doctors have their place in medicine, no doubt about it. However, as a nation, 86 cents of every dollar we spend on healthcare goes to chronic diseases rather than acute conditions. But guess what? Your problems don’t always require drugs. What they do require is a lifestyle change. Just a little bit at a time. Health coaches spend time–lots of time–with each client. They create and hold the space to ask questions and understand the whole you.

Traditional Doctor Health Coach
Average Time Spent with Patient 15-20 Minutes 1-2 hours
Focus Symptom or sickness Root cause
Go-To Solution Prescription drugs Lifestyle changes and supplements
Goal “Stop the bleeding”/acute pain Find a sustainable solution
Approach Western Eastern and Western

Health Coaching includes:

  • Mentorship
  • Accountability
  • A sounding board
  • A source of motivation
  • Problem solving tactics
  • Obstacle removal
  • Progress tracking
Health Coach

“Rachel at Whole Woman Health welcomes her clients with her brilliant smile and open heart. Her coaching addresses the challenges that “block” our emotional AND physical health. The group sessions are valuable – working through our own questions by first sharing and receiving feedback and then listening to and learning from others’ experiences.”

~Sarah V.

If you’re ready to feel good again,
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