Simple. Healthy. Effective. Detox

 A premium, 90-day weight loss experience exclusively for women 

This premium program is for clients ready to make a serious investment in changing not only their body composition but their health & lifestyle as well. The SHED is high-touch and highly effective for those who commit and are interested in long-term results. The SHED community is supportive, magnanimous, and inspiring.

Choose how you SHED!


⦾ Ends soon! Register now, ending December 2021!

⦾ This self-paced SHED is a 6-week metabolic reset program for women who want to SHED weight, inches quickly and go at their own pace!

      • 6-week weight loss program includes “pre and post” SHED weeks to help maximize results.
      • 30-days of medical-grade detox supplements
      • 30-days of easy-to-follow recipes (vegetarian available)
      • 30-day weight loss and mindset workbook
      • Encouraging and instructional videos
      • Access to Private Facebook group for support and community
      • Weekly coaching calls
      • Access to SHED for LIFE program upon completion of the SHED

The SHED: 90-Day Weight Loss

⦾ Begins January 2022! Register NOW to save your spot!

⦾ The SHED is a 12-week exclusive weight loss program for women who want to have a healthy lifestyle, SHED inches and pounds, and maintaining a healthy and positive mindset, this includes:

      • 12 weeks of medical-grade detox supplements
      • 12 weeks of step-by-step instructions
      • Easy to follow recipes (vegetarian available)
      • 12 weeks of mindset workbook
      • Encouraging and instructional videos throughout the weight loss program
      • Direct Access to your Nutritionist and Life Coach, Rachel Leigh
      • Lifetime access to Private Facebook group
      • Community support and accountability
      • Regularly scheduled weekly coaching calls

SHED for LIFE Mindset Coaching


⦾ This is a weekly mindset coaching program that benefits you, your weight loss, life journey and your health!



      • Access to discounted medical-grade weight loss products, if you choose to keep SHEDDING
      • New 30-Day Workbooks (at the beginning of YOUR month)
      • Additional recipes and food ideas
      • Lifetime access to Private FB group
      • Community support and accountability
      • Weekly coaching calls
      • Accountability Check-in’s
      • Access  to schedule private coaching sessions with Coach Rachel
      • Access to schedule additional labs via Whole Woman Health

The Details:

→ A 90-day metabolic reset & weight loss program.

→ 90-days of medical-grade supplements to support your cleanse (a $1,0000.00 value).

→ 90-days of omnivore AND vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

→ 12-weeks of nutrition & mindset coaching videos for life!

→ Coaching Calls every Wednesday at 10-11am MST

→ A 12-week SHED manual to follow each day.

→ A private FB community for support and accountability.

→ Weekly live coaching by myself.

→ *NEW* – Private access to myself for questions, coaching, tips, and support.

Who is the SHED for?

This is for women who:

→ Want to learn the “why” to their weight gain and the “how” to change it.

→ Are ready to look at their minds, thoughts, behaviors, values, and beliefs to shift their relationship with food.

→ Want WAY more than a meal plan.

→ Want to support other women.

→ Want to go deep with coaching, don’t make excuses, take 100% responsibility for their actions and show up – every, single, day for themselves and the SHED community.

→ Value learning from an expert and are not afraid to pay for it.

→ Seriously want to lose weight, are ready to drop all the BS they’ve been taught in the past, and are open to a whole new way to change their body composition and health.

Choose the correct answer:


A 90-days SHED detox program designed to achieve weight loss goals and eat cleaner & healthier foods.


Uses medical grade products to support detoxification.


Incorporates mindset coaching to make lasting changes in your health, nutrition, and life.


Provides tools to aid your transformation into a SuperHero – feeling and looking your best, ready to take on all challenges life presents.


All of the above!

Answer: E. All of the above. Read on to learn more.

First and foremost, the SHED includes access to the knowledge and guidance of Rachel Leigh, the founder of Whole Woman Health.

Unlike other self-led programs, the SHED is a highly guided, high-results program that Rachel personally leads, and participants have direct access to her via the exclusive Facebook community. In this program, you will learn more about yourself, how to adjust your mindset, eat cleaner and learn what you are truly capable of…but better yet, how to take control of your life once again!

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 12 Week easy to follow menu (vegetarian available)

 12 Week protocol with step by step instructions

 12 Week cleanse kit – supplements included

Private FB SHED group

Community support and accountability

Weekly live coaching calls (recorded for viewing later), tools and education

Originally I was hesitant about joining the SHED, so many thoughts went racing through my mind…Did I have the time? Did I want to meal prep? Was I ready to commit to daily supplements? Could I attend the calls? Was I ready to put down that glass of wine after a hard day? Was I ready to uncover massive mindset information I knew but didn’t know about myself??


Finally, I stopped asking the questions and giving into excuses and I decided to put myself first! I signed up for the SHED, received the supplements printed the manual, and jumped in feet first! AND I AM SO GLAD I DID! Not only did I lose 22 lbs, but I also lost 24 inches in total! I learned so much about myself, my thoughts, my impulses, and with help from Coach Rachel I have turned unhealthy habits around and actually want to continue my healthy lifestyle. I would say if you are hesitant about the SHED, just do it! Commit to your future self and your health, I promise you won’t regret it!”

~Nicole W. 

Simple. Healthy. Effective. Detox

“For me, its benefit lies in helping me establish a “new normal.” The SHED proper was the intensive that laid the groundwork for helping me understand what changing I could make to reach the goals I want. SHED for LIFE has provided the maintenance tools to keep me in the mindset of making sustainable change. The mindset shift has been so important for me because with the SHED I found myself concentrating on a week timeline. It was “pausing” and exploring. SHED for LIFE was about me choosing what I wanted and how I wanted to integrate the change indefinitely. It encourages the thoughtful exploration and curiosity we learn about in the SHED but does so in a way that encourages and supports sustainable change.”

~Chelsea L.

This past year has presented each of us with challenges that we couldn’t have anticipated. In addition to our “normal” responsibilities, issues, and goals, we now have to be especially cognizant of our health. We have to be strong and healthy – at our physical best – not just for ourselves but for those who rely on us.  

“I was looking to get my life under control at a time when everything felt very much out of control. Since “everything” included myself, my exercise, and my nutrition I sought out a place that could help me with all of those areas in my life. Nutrition Works exceeded my expectations and I love working with Rachel. She has changed my thought process which has changed my life. All of the coaches I have interacted with at Nutrition Works are top-notch and care very much for their clientele. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Rachel.

-K, SHED 202 client

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Can I do the SHED if I’m pregnant or nursing?

No, unfortunately not. However, we would love to support you after!

Can I do the SHED if I’m type 2 diabetic?

Yes!  The SHED is an excellent way to manage blood sugars, learn new eating habits, clean up your diet and potentially lower your A1C.

Will I lose weight?

Typically!  Results vary with each participant and most people lose an average of 10 lbs or a total of 10 inches off their body frame.  In rare cases, some peoples weight remains the same, but their energy is through the roof, they feel healthier, sleep better, are happier and feel less “puffy”.

Can I do the SHED if I’m on prescription medications?

Yes / And – per the manufacturer of the supplements, it is safe to SHED while on prescription medications OTHER THAN BLOOD THINNERS*

*If you are concerned, I always recommend consulting with your Doctor.

What do we do during the SHED?

I strategically created the SHED to step you out of the standard American diet and move you into an anti-inflammatory, low allergenic, whole foods lifestyle.

  1. The first week we hit “pause” on 3-4 items. Typically, sugar, caffeine, alcohol.  We add a nutrient dense shake and 3 additional supplements each day while eating clean foods.
  2. Each week we pick 1-2 more foods to pause on with week 3 being the cleanest, most energizing week consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats.
  3. Week 4 begins reintroduction of foods to determine possible food allergies or sensitivities while creating the protocol for your future dietary lifestyle.

From day one I will be walking you through the process, answering any questions, providing feedback and tips to support the process. You have a direct line to me as your Nutrition Therapist and Life Coach. Each week I will offer group coaching where you can join us to be coached or listen to others and answer any additional questions you have.

The SHED has a robust private FB group of all past and current SHEDDERS to support you, encourage you, offer tips & tricks and keep you accountable.  This group is invaluable to your success…and it’s a lot of fun. Additionally, I will provide you with foundational video’s and worksheets that will help you understand your psychology of change, ensuring continued success long after the completion of the SHED.

I’ve been diagnosed with a chronic disease. Can I do the SHED?

Maybe. In this case I would encourage you to send me an email with the diagnosis and we can have a conversation to discuss if this program is right for you. When in doubt, please consult with your Doctor.

Do we eat food?

This is a resounding YES!  I will never, ever advocate starvation or severe restriction. We eat lots of nutrient dense, whole foods during the SHED. Most SHEDDER’s say they eat more food than they typically do and still lose weight!

Will you tell me what to eat?

Yes – and I will also encourage you to be creative in the kitchen.  I provide you with a 30-day menu (vegetarian menu available upon request) that follows the outline of each week during the SHED.  You will have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas to carry you through the program. I give you A LOT of amazing recipes, so make sure to try them out. Oh, and I know how busy you all are so I try and keep them simple and quick.

Will I need to be near a bathroom all the time?

I promise you, you won’t. The SHED is a gentle cleanse that allows the body time to shift over time. No blow-outs here!

Does the SHED work?

Yes. How it works is different for everyone and dependent on individual goals. Some use it for weight loss, others metabolic syndrome, many to identify food allergies/sensitivities and almost everyone to feel better after the holidays.

Is the SHED vegan?

The supplements are 100% vegan, gluten free & dairy free. Regarding the menu, we have one for carnivores and one for vegetarians. If you need a modification for vegan, I encourage you to post on the Facebook community page for tips and suggestions.

Can I do the SHED if I don’t live in Denver?

100%. As long as you live in the continental US, you are welcome to join the SHED.

“Where to start?!? SHED for LIFE helped me break the endless cycle I was in where I felt controlled by food. I am no longer a woman who goes through drive-thrus and is no longer controlled by food. things that I just did or felt were outside of my control! The coaching to help me change the script! Each week I could practice the skills I was learning, share my struggles, support others with their struggles, and celebrate the wins!!! I’m going to join this again so I can keep re-training my brain!”

~ Becca V.