August 14th SHED cohort begins…

2023/08/14 11:00:57

It’s time to focus on your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

You are overwhelmed, overdoing, and underliving. You have a big life, but that life doesn’t include big health and big wellness. 

Like you, high-achieving women are incredibly frustrated with their health because they remember what it was like before…before the big job, before the kids, before the husband…before all the stress! Now it just seems insurmountable. 

You just want her back

⇨ The woman who had spirit, energy, spice, and wit.
⇨ The woman who grabbed any outfit in her closet and wore it with confidence.
The woman who had interesting things to talk about.
The woman who felt SEEN!

But that was a million years ago, right? I mean, this is what happens with age, two kids, a stressed marriage, and a big career.

This wilting feeling, it’s just part of life.

Or is it?

Maybe you can’t go back to your late 20s when everything was, well, you know!

But you can go forward to the woman you want to become.

You can decide what your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s WILL look like and start curating her now.

You don’t have to surrender to menopause belly, lunch lady arms, self-sacrifice, the brink of divorce, and feeling like a bad mom.

You don’t have to feel invisible.

You can decide to do it differently.

You can decide to be THAT WOMAN.


You know, the one who owns her body, and physique, and wears it with pride.

⇨ The one who works WITH her body instead of against it.
⇨ The one who focuses on her mental and physical health.
⇨ The one we aspire to be.

That one decision will drive a multitude of decisions all leading to becoming who she wants to be,
instead of who she’s running from.

The SHED isn’t just about weight loss. 

It’s about not acquiescing.

It’s about not surrendering.

It’s about not being a complacent passenger in life.

It’s about being SEEN.

It’s about your next chapter.

It’s about permission to be ‘that woman’.

It’s about respecting yourself.

It’s about BECOMING.

This program is a deep transformation of you, physically, mentally, and spiritually. With The SHED, you will become. This is the trifecta of true health.

Press play to learn more about The SHED.

What’s included in The SHED?


Three Functional Labs

  • Food allergy and sensitivity
  • Comprehensive GI profile
  • Female hormone panel


Private Consultation

With your nutritionist to review your lab results and create a personalized care plan.


SHED Supplements

Three months of medical-grade detox supplements.


Weekly Coaching Call

All coaching calls are recorded and available to review at later dates and times convenient for you.


Meal Plans & Recipes

Omnivore and vegetarian meal plans, with over 250 recipes.


SHED Manual

A 12-week+ manual to help you detox your body and mind. A personalized playbook that becomes a lifestyle.


Exercise Videos

Weekly at-home yoga, pilates and strength training workout videos.


Access to your Coach

Unlimited access to your Nutritionist and Coach for any questions that might pop-up.



Weekly review of your food journal.


Additional Labs

The option to add functional labs at a discount exclusively for SHED members only.



Lifetime community support and accountability.


Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the SHED program, the recipes, videos, and workouts.

This is your sign from the universe, telling you that you are worth it.

Come to the healthy, strong, badass side!


The SHED is a lifelong premium program with a money-back guarantee. That’s how much we believe in this program and how much we believe in you. We know you will be successful, just like you are in everything else. 


This is nutrition, life coaching, executive coaching, functional medicine, behavioral psychology, and empowerment. You’ll lose some weight and inches, but, more importantly, you’ll learn to BECOME the woman you want to be. 


This is the grownup way to lose weight.
This is not a program for women who want a quick fix. This isn’t easy. Losing weight and changing your mindset is really, really hard.  Diet culture tells you otherwise, but it’s wrong. It’s always been wrong. That’s why you’re here now. 


You must restructure and rewire your thinking, your habits, your hormones, your cells. It’s time to stop doing the same things over and over again, expecting different and lasting results. 


Use data to create massive success in your life. Now we’re going to use data to help you achieve health as well. We’re going to CEO the shit outta this! We’ll analyze what has caused you to be where you are today and create a strategy for where you want to go.


That’s why you need The SHED. We’re completely different and committed to your success. 

Check this out!

Aren’t they inspirational?


The great news is that you will have your own version of the same, and you’ll be so proud of yourself. 

Do your poses in front of the mirror, girl. Do your little turn on the catwalk. You’ve earned it! 

Just wait, though. There’s so much more to The SHED than what you lose.

This is about what you will gain.


We aren’t here to make you look like an Instagram model.
You aren’t going to lose 50 lbs in three months. That’s not healthy, frankly.


But when you are healthy? Your natural weight regulates.
We value health and well-being first and foremost, and we’ll teach you to feel the same way.


(By the way, those Instagram models don’t actually look like the pictures that they put up, anyway. They are edited and filtered. Why shoot for a goal that isn’t even attainable by the people who post the pictures? You deserve so much more than that.)

How The SHED works

We spend 30-days pausing inflammatory foods, nourishing ourselves with nutrient-dense whole foods, balancing blood sugars and resetting hormones.

The first phase of the SHED is all about “cleaning house”. Think of phase one as going “Marie Knodo” on your body. We spend 30-days pausing inflammatory foods, nourishing ourselves with nutrient-dense whole foods, balancing blood sugars and resetting hormones. This phase allows your body to restore to its original, healthy self by “shedding” what got us the weight gain in the first place…physically and mentally!

You’ll also learn the foundation of habit change through coaching psychology. I’ll teach you secret Jedi tricks to break old, sabotaging behaviors, and replace them with new, science-based techniques that actually get you doing, and stay doing, the work required to lose the weight.It’ll be like going through your closet and throwing away old, raggedy outfits and replacing them with sexy, fashionable ones that you feel proud to wear! New mindset. New body. New outfits!

Phase one is also where you’ll see immediate weight and inches lost, which is oh so exciting! You’ll be supported with daily supplements to facilitate detoxification resulting in weight loss, improved sleep, clearer skin, increased energy, and mental clarity to name a few.

We capitalize on the success of your detox and refine it for your body’s unique needs. By establishing a realistic nutritional protocol, it will ensure you will continue to lose weight and improve your health.

Phase two we capitalize on the success of your detox and refine it for your body’s unique needs.

We test foods to see which ones work with your body and which ones cause physical or mental stress by using the results from your food allergy and sensitivity test. Establishing a realistic nutritional protocol that ensures you continue to lose weight and improve your health is the foundation of phase two.

Phase two is also where we get to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. You get to play around with a new identity and all the fun things that come with it! Like being a woman who knows her body and what foods it needs.

Playing in the kitchen to create healthy masterpieces (or becoming madly skilled with Instacart & delegating to your chef). You get to actually become the lean, strong, healthy woman who is proud of her body now – WHILE she’s doing the work to get there!

Phase three teaches you the psychology of maintaining new habits for life and provides you the tools and knowledge to stay on track.

Let’s face it, things become less sexy with time….unless you’re George Clooney, that man is sexy regardless of how old he is. It’s when things become monotonous that we go searching for something better.

Phase three teaches you the psychology of maintaining new habits for life. Gone are the days of vacation throwing you off course. No longer will you be “on again, off again” with your diet.

You’ll navigate dining out or special events with confidence and ease. You’ll know exactly how to lose, maintain or gain weight and be able to navigate between all three should you choose.

Phase three you’ll have it figured out and there will be very few times you stray from your nutrition guidelines. And if you do, it won’t be a problem because you’ll have the tools, education and knowledge to get right back on track!

The SHED is completely different from anything out there and committed to your success.


When you join The SHED, you get immediate online access to the program, your nutritionist and access to the SHED community, within that same week you will recieve your SHED manual, your supplements and any or all the labs.
The labs are so important for personalization. This program is tailored to your exact needs, and we will work through the findings of your labs together.


Every.single.woman. who has completed our program has had numbers outside of the normal range in these panels. Every one! You are not alone. This is an incredibly important and unique step to improving your health.


Once your personalized lab results have been processed, and you begin to work through the things that are holding you back, your labs could come to a healthy level as soon as one month into the program.
A program to match every woman’s needs!
A comprehensive 3-month program using nutrition science, coaching psychology, and functional lab testing to lose weight, restore health, change habits, and create a personalized lifestyle that is realistic and effective with guaranteed results. The SHED is by far our most comprehensive program for the woman who “wants it all”.  Answers to her stalled weight, laboratory testing to design a customized playbook specific to her body’s needs, access to her nutritionist, behavioral coaching to change deeply ingrained habits, and a community that holds you accountable and raises the standards for female executives and entrepreneurs.

The SHED begins at $3,000.00

*Results guaranteed- lose 10lbs or 10 inches!

Not every woman needs or wants a 3-month nutrition coaching program. The SHED Slim is a 1-month self-paced program for those who desire to experience the initial benefits of The SHED, lose weight and inches, identify food sensitivities, and receive support and accountability through their community. And when you love your initial results, you are welcome to continue your progress by moving into one of The SHED 3-month programs.
Enrollment is currently open.

*Labs not included


The SHED Master’s program is a 6-month coaching program to help ensure women accomplish all their health, weight, and life goals.


*By invitation only upon completion of
the SHED 3-month program

Pssst. There’s an elephant in the room that we haven’t addressed yet. And it’s a doozy.

Many women fight with themselves about weight loss over their entire adult lives. Hell, some of us start watching the scale as teenagers or worse–as young kids. If only we could have those bodies back, right?


Where in the world did we learn this behavior? It’s not natural for kids to worry about such things on their own.


The problem is that women learn this from other women in their lives. Did your mom jump from diet to diet? What about her mom? Then there is the influence of the media. Oof.


I might not know much about you, personally, yet, but I do know one thing for certain: you want better for your kids. You don’t want them to feel the same way as you do right now about their bodies and weight. How do we protect them from this dangerous cycle?
We do better, ourselves. Know better, do better. The SHED helps to teach you how to respect your physical self, your mental self, and your spiritual self. We want our kids to see that Mom takes care of herself and her health…not her weight. 


That means taking time to care for yourself in ways that look like going to the gym and eating nutritious meals. 


Another thing that gets in your way of wellness is guilt and your desire to control every aspect of your life. Think about it:


Guilt stops you from going to the gym because it tells you should be with the kids, instead.


Guilt tells you to buy junk food because everyone in the house loves it, and you don’t want to disappoint your progeny. Or just deal with tantrums because…kids.
But then there’s your internal drive to run the damn show everywhere you go. You are responsible for each person on your team and their work, so you run a tight freaking ship in your career. 
nutrition for women


Aaaaand, you can’t just shut it off when you get home. The kids, your husband, the housekeeper, hell, even the dogs know who is boss.


But the number on the scale? And the way your clothes fit? And the daily headaches? They don’t care. You grit your teeth about your health because it’s the one part of your life that is a never-ending struggle.


We’re going to help you kill that terrible, guilt-colored voice in your head because a healthy, happy, confident mom is so important to the well-being of your whole family.

This is your opportunity to become “that” woman

⇨ You know “that” woman.  The one who walks into a room and owns it.
⇨ The one who seems to always have her shit together.
⇨ The one who actually has the energy to chase her kids on the playground.
⇨ The one who glows and exudes confidence, health, and LIFE in a body she’s proud of.

If this is what you want, I have the solution.

But you have to be willing to take the leap…possibly the biggest leap you’ve ever taken when it comes to working on your health and weight.

You will need to put in the work because this is not a beginner program, but it’s the best work you’ll ever do.

I and the community of SHEDDERS will support you every step of the way.

It’s your turn, say yes!

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The SHED Community

A large amount of success in reaching any goal is determined by the people you spend time with.  We tend to subconsciously calibrate ourselves to the energy of those we are around.  Knowing this, it’s important to surround yourself with people who will positively influence you; like the women in the SHED community.   Each SHED cohort brings together a group of women who are bound by a common purpose; lose weight, embody health, and maintain it. Thrive in a community of women working towards a shared goal, learn from each other during weekly coaching calls, and provide support and accountability 24/7 within the SHED private community.
Meet Jennifer. She’s 42 and has three kids and a husband of 20 years. She’s a glass-ceiling breaking C-suite exec in a Fortune 500 company, and she busted her ass to get to where she is today.


Everyday is a whirlwind to get everything accomplished, but she somehow manages to crush it.


She starts her days at 5:00 am with every intention to head out for a run, but her team in India begins pinging her on Teams before her feet hit the floor. Tomorrow, she thinks. I’ll run tomorrow.


She finally hops off her first call of the day and realizes she looked sallow and puffy on the video. Hopefully nobody else noticed…thank goodness for filters.


The carpool for the kids is in the driveway before she knows it, and she just has a second to kiss them goodbye. The dad behind the wheel waves and hollers out the window his appreciation that Jennifer is driving tomorrow. Shit. I guess I’ll start running…next week.
On the train into the office, she orders her PSL with a double shot of espresso online for pickup in her lobby. When she gets there, the line is long, and it gives her enough time to browse the pastries sparkling under the glass. Her name is called by the barista, and she asks him to throw in an extra gooey cinnamon roll. You know, for good measure.


The day flies by with meeting after meeting with occasional trips to the break room where she tries to avoid all the birthday treats for Kevin, but she can’t pass up a piece of chocolate cake. A small slice won’t hurt.


Then she realizes she has a headache. Time to pop some Tylenol. It always happens at the same time every day, and it’s really freaking annoying.


After work, it’s happy hour for the new hires, and she has no choice but to make an appearance. Them’s the breaks of The Lady in the Corner Office. She browses the cocktail menu and lands on a Cosmo with edible glitter. Gotta make a statement, right?


Then it’s the train home for sports practice, dinner, homework, bathtime, fighting with the kids to get to bed. And another call to India since they are just starting their day.
She toasts the team for their accomplishments with a glass of wine, and then she collapses into bed. She can hardly fall asleep because her mind is still going a million miles a minute, but she knows she only has five hours before her alarm goes off again.
I could be Jennifer. I bet you could be Jennifer, too. Jennifer is riding the struggle bus of health because her life is so chaotic and busy, and she doesn’t know how to take a moment for herself.


She, like you, hasn’t been able to stick to any sort of health routine because she doesn’t even know where to begin.


What if I told you that you haven’t been fully successful in your journey in the past because you didn’t have the right tools available to you? It’s not you, friend!


Working your literal butt off hasn’t worked because there are other factors fighting against all of the hard work you’ve been putting in time and again. I am here to offer you a concierge experience full of personalized, on-demand coaching and support.
Schedule A Consultation To Customize Your SHED Program Here

What past SHEDDERS are saying!

You are a smart woman.
You have tried “all the things.”

Ladies, I get how confused, frustrated, and disappointed you are with your weight. It’s constantly on your mind how far you’ve let yourself go, yet you can’t seem to get back on track. You’ve put yourself last for far too long and it’s your turn now.

The SHED is here to help.


It’s the antithesis of diet culture and what you’ve traditionally been taught as the way to lose weight.  The SHED gets to the root of things specific to you using data, science, and psychology and delivers it in a way that is realistic for your busy lifestyle.  If you’re done trying to figure it out on your own and want to experience concierge-level weight loss from an expert in women’s health and nutrition, then take the leap and join us.  If you need more information or help deciding if this program is for you, schedule a private call with me using the link below.
How is The SHED different from other weight loss programs? Watch the video to find out.

You are a smart woman.
You have tried “all the things.”

Ladies, I get how confused, frustrated, and disappointed you are with your weight. It’s constantly on your mind how far you’ve let yourself go, yet you can’t seem to get back on track. You’ve put yourself last for far too long and it’s your turn now.

The SHED is here to help.


It’s the antithesis of diet culture and what you’ve traditionally been taught as the way to lose weight.  The SHED gets to the root of things specific to you using data, science, and psychology and delivers it in a way that is realistic for your busy lifestyle.  If you’re done trying to figure it out on your own and want to experience concierge-level weight loss from an expert in women’s health and nutrition, then take the leap and join us.  If you need more information or help deciding if this program is for you, schedule a private call with me using the link below.

Rachel Leigh

Rachel Leigh is the Founder of Whole Woman Health and the creator and coach of The SHED. She is an expert in the field of coaching, nutrition, and weight loss, which serves Shedders who are seeking the poignant advice that only a professional can provide. She’s been described as a no-nonsense nutritionist, “chaos coordinator,” the “sound of reason,” a “food-freedom coach” and “the body whisperer.” She is also unbelievably direct and loving in her approach. Helping women who are trapped in a cycle of busyness, chaos, and overwhelm, yet want to lose weight and feel alive again is her passion. One of her deepest desires is to eradicate diet culture by helping moms break the cycle of dieting and body shaming to become positive role models for their children. And for women who are not mothers, to be an example of what is possible, giving other women hope and encouragement. Coach Rachel leads the program and delivers the core content sessions. And you get direct access to her every single step of the way. 🙌

Questions and Answers:

Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes, we guarantee you will lose 10 pounds or 10 inches in the 3-month SHED program or you’ll get your money back. This does not apply to the SHED Slim program although these results are not uncommon in just 30-days*
Can I do the SHED if I'm pregnant or nursing?
No, unfortunately not. However, we would love to support you after!
Can I do the SHED if I'm a type 2 diabetic?
Yes! The SHED is an excellent way to manage blood sugars, learn new eating habits, clean up your diet and potentially lower your A1C
Will I lose weight?
Typically! Results vary with each participant and most people lose an average of 10 pounds or a total of 10″ off their body frame. In rare cases commas some people’s weight remains the same, but their energy is through the roof, they feel healthier, sleep better, are happier and feel less “puffy”.
*I offer a money-back guarantee, including all supplements and lab testing if you do not lose 10 pounds or 10 inches.
Can I do the SHED if I'm on prescription medications
Yes/And- Per the manufacturer of the supplements, it is safe to SHED while on prescription medications OTHER THAN BLOOD THINNERS*

* If you are concerned, I always recommend consulting with your doctor.

What do we do during the SHED?
This is a big question. We do SO MUCH. It’s life changing. See above for the specific details and schedule a complimentary conversation with me to discuss the fine details.
I've been diagnosed with a chronic disease can I do the SHED?
Maybe. In this case I would encourage you to send me an email with the diagnosis and we can have a conversation to discuss if the program is right for you. When in doubt, please consult with your doctor.
Do we eat food?
This is a resounding YES! I will never, ever advocate starvation or severe restriction. We eat lots of nutrient-dense, whole foods during the SHED most SHEDDERs say they eat more food than they typically do and still lose weight.
Will you tell me what to eat?
Yes, and I will also encourage you to be creative in the kitchen. I provide you with a 90-day+ menu (Vegetarian menu available) That follows the outline of each week during the SHED. You will have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas to carry you throughout the program. I will give you a lot of amazing recipes, so make sure you try them out. Oh and I know how busy you are so I try to keep them simple and quick.
Will I need to be near a bathroom all the time?
I promise you, you won’t. This SHED is a gentle cleanse that allows the body time to shift over a time period no blow-outs here!
Does the SHED work?
Yes. How it works is different for everyone and dependent on individual goals. Some use it for weight loss, others metabolic syndrome, many to identify food allergies/sensitivities sensitivities and almost everyone to feel better overall. If it didn’t work, I would never feel confident offering you a money-back guarantee.
Is the SHED vegan?
The supplements are 100% vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Regarding the menu, we have one for carnivores and 1 for vegetarians. If you need a modification for vegan, I encourage you to post in the global community for tips and suggestions.
Can I do the SHED if I don't live in Denver?
100%. As long as you live in the continental US, you are welcome to do the SHED.